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The Favourite (2018) - дамы в борьбе за власть, без стакана воды.

Королева Анна (Белохвостикова), герцогиня Мальборо (Демидова), юная красавица Абигайль (Светлана Смирнова, "Чужие письма" Авербаха), капитан Мэшем со своим стаканом воды (отсюда название пьесы Эжена Скриба, и поставленного по ней фильма Юлия Карасика [1979]). «Фаворитка» - те же персонажи, только без стакана воды и в лесбийском треугольнике.

Всё, что историкам известно доподлинно, – что Анна, которая и королевой быть не желала, и умом не отличалась, и страдала от множества недугов, затруднявших функционирование в качестве главы государства, очень долго полагалась в управлении страной на подругу детства Сару Черчилль, герцогиню Мальборо, а потом к ней охладела и вместо нее приблизила ее родственницу, Абигайль Хилл, будущую жену капитана Мэшема (она изображается юной красоткой, хотя, когда историческая Анна сделала ее своей конфиданткой, той было под сорок). Известно и то, что герцогиня грозила обнародовать «кошмарные письма» королевы, которые можно было истолковать в том смысле, что Анна была в Сару влюблена.

* * *
Set in the court of Queen Anne (1665–1714), The Favourite explores the changing power dynamics and relationships between three female protagonists: Queen Anne (Olivia Colman); Abigail Masham (Emma Stone); and Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough (Rachel Weisz).
The latter was Anne’s companion and confidante since girlhood. When Anne succeeded to the throne in 1702, the Duchess of Marlborough was among those she brought with her to court.

Marlborough’s usurper was Abigail Masham, a lower ranking courtier and cousin of the Duchess of Marlborough, brought into court circles under the patronage of the duchess herself. The Favourite dramatises their triangular and tense struggle for dominance, putting female politics at the heart of every scene while foppish men in red high heels and extravagant suits watch from the edges.

The [Greece-born] director, Yorgos Lanthimos, breaks new ground in his dramatisation of the past.

Brace yourselves, then, for the unfamiliar sound of accuracy-o-meters exploding once The Favourite is released. Complete with denim costumes and speech that is neither obviously period nor modern – and with a duck race and dance sequence like no other you’ll have seen in court before.

In the film the queen’s bedroom – the location for much of the plot – is a haven for 17 fluffy rabbits who must be petted by any courtier claiming to be loyal. The bunnies are typical of the film’s aesthetic, and serve as a cute (albeit eccentric and surprising) addition. Of course, pet rabbits would never have been found lolloping around a royal bedchamber: they were an early 18th-century foodstuff and pest. Their function is instead historically symbolic, representing an adult lifetime of pregnancies endured by Anne that only ever resulted in miscarriage, still birth, or the premature death of newborns, infants or children.

[...] She was labelled as the ‘childless’ queen – despite her bearing and burying child after child after child after child. In The Favourite this aspect of her life and reign is brought much more firmly into our vision.
[...] The film makes no attempt to lecture to us about what happened in Britain in the 1700s. The narrative point is the female power play, not the economic, politics or cultural changes of the day.

- Extracts; full text

* * *
Trivia (source):

• Queen Anne's husband Prince George of Denmark (father of all her ill-fated children) is never seen or mentioned, although Abigail entered the queen's service in 1704 and George did not die until 1708. His death, as well as the deaths of their children, was among the reasons for Anne's depression.

• Sarah Churchill, the Duchess of Marlborough, is the direct ancestor of both Sir Winston Churchill and Princess Diana (born Diana Spencer).

• Most of the costumes and wigs were made from scratch. The budget was very tight, so renting them was not feasible. Costume designer Sandy Powell intentionally used anachronistic fabrics. Laser-cut lace and vinyl was used for many courtiers' clothes. The servants' dresses and britches are made from denim recycled from thrift store jeans from throughout England.

• The film was shot mostly with available sunlight or practical lighting, such as candles and fireplaces. Robbie Ryan kept backup lighting equipment on stand-by, but used very little additional light, mostly due to unseasonably warm weather during filming.

* * *
Lady Sarah: Abigail does not love you.
Queen Anne: Because how could anyone? She wants nothing from me. Unlike you.
Lady Sarah: She wants nothing from you. And yet somehow she is a lady. With 2000 a year, and Harley sits on your knee most nights.
Queen Anne: I wish you could love me as she does!
Lady Sarah: You wish me to lie to you? "Oh you look like an angel fallen from heaven, your majesty." No. Sometimes, you look like a badger. And you can rely on me to tell you.
Queen Anne: Why?
Lady Sarah: Because I will not lie! That is love!

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South park about love: You’re my fudgey charm of sunshine.

Cartman: You’re my fudgey charm of sunshine.
Cupid Cartman: Tee Hee Hee!

* * *
Eric Cartman: There's something you should probably know. Man, this is hard. Um, the thing is, me and Kyle are kind of, you know, together.

Nichole: Wow, I'm sorry. I totally respect that. Hey, thanks a lot for telling me. [puts an arm on his left shoulder]

Eric Cartman: Cool. So, just, you know, don't touch me 'cause I'm not into girls and it kind of grosses me out.

Nichole: Oh, I'm sorry. [retracts her arm]

Eric Cartman: Yeah, cool. Anyway, thanks a lot, and, you know, stay away from my man, bitch.

Season 16, ep. 7 - Cartman Finds Love


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цитаты из фильмов - разное/ cinema quotes - misc

«Знакомство по брачному объявлению» / Cours apres moi que je t'attrape (Франция, 1976)
Героиня в исполнении Ани Жирардо работает в престижном собачьем салоне.
Диалог оттуда:
– Мне нужны ресницы для болонки!
– Искусственные или из меха норки?
– Из меха норки.

«Неприкасаемые» (фильм; в нашем прокате 1+1):

Паралитик-миллионер: Меня всегда учили, что мы мочимся на мир.

[Вот она, психология богачей. Так и живем.]

«Дневник горничной» / Diary of a Chambermaid (2015):

«Во мне, наверное, много от собаки или попугайчика – стОит кому-то заговорить со мной ласково, и я готова на всё».
(см. о фильме в ИК)

Feast of love (2007):

Harry Stevenson: Bradley, listen. You just gotta stay alert. Everything we need to know is going on right in front of our eyes. Yeah, we have our illusions about people, our hopes, and they can blind us. But the end is always right there in the beginning.

Daglicht (original title) - Daylight (2013):

Bo: There are many kinds of autism. Normal people look through a kind of filter. With autism, the filter’s broken… and the volume is cranked up, so that everything comes crashing in. He keeps hearing the bell, an umbrella being shaken, drops hitting the floor. He’s registering all that. He hears the fries being thrown into the fryer. There are 25 fries on his plate.
– 37.
– 37 fries, sorry. Three green lettuce leaves, six yellow chicken nuggets. I know, I’m wrong. And I didn’t even mention half of the things… that keep barging into his head, unfiltered and terribly loud. It must drive him crazy.
That explains the anger. It’s just a short-circuit. It’s like that in Ray’s head as well. It’s as if the world overtaxes them, and they just shut down. They’re simply not there any more.
Бо: Есть много разных видов аутизма. Обычные люди видят мир, словно через фильтр. У людей с аутизмом этот фильм сломан, звук не регулируется – и всё, что снаружи, врывается в сознание. (о сыне героини, мальчике-аутисте, сидящем с ними в закусочной, пока на улице льет дождь): Он слышит звонок на входе, слышит, как стряхивают мокрый зонт, как на пол падают капли. Он всё это фиксирует. Он слышит, как картошку опускают в кипящее масло. На его тарелке – 25 картофельных ломтиков.
Мальчик: 37.
Бо: Извини, 37. Три листика салата, шесть куриных наггетов. Знаю, я называю неточно. И я ведь не упомянул и половины вещей, которые вторгаются в его голову, оглушительно и без разбора. Наверняка всё это сводит с ума. И объясняет его гнев. Это похоже на короткое замыкание, только у Рэя в голове. Перегрузка окружающим миром – и организм просто отключается.

Thanks for sharing (2012)
Katie [Phoebe cries]: Hey, what's wrong?
Phoebe: I just think I'm worried about this whole addict thing, you know.
Katie: Mmm-hmmm?
Phoebe: I mean I just... Do you ever worry that you'll be just humming along and then, he's just gonna veer off back into the darkness?
Katie: In my experience, the only way that I can do this is just to keep the focus on myself.
Phoebe: Meaning?
Katie: Meaning... What about my side of the street? What are my issues that I have to deal with? After all, I picked an addict... Says something.

The Bucket List (2007)
Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman): What are you so afraid of?
Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson): Just because I told you my story, does not invite you to be a part of it!
I build a billion dollar business up from NOTHING! Presidents have asked my advice, I have dined with royalty, and i'm supposed to make out like what? This trip was supposed to MEAN something to me? Like it was gonna change ME? How did you see it playing out Carter, I knock on the door, she [his daughter] answers, she's surprised and angry, but I tell her how much I love her and miss her, and OH, by the way, I'm gonna be dead soon so I'm reaching out to you because I don't wanna die alone?
Carter Chambers: Everyone's afraid to die alone.
Edward Cole: I'm not everyone! This was supposed to be fun. That's all it ever was.

Edward Cole: [nauseous] Somewhere, some lucky guy's having a heart attack.

Carter Chambers: Forty-five years goes by pretty fast.
Edward Cole: Like smoke through a keyhole.

Edward Cole: What does a snail have to do to reincarnate? Leave the perfect trail of slime?

Notting Hill (1999)
Bella: The more I think about things, the more I see no rhyme or reason in life. No one knows why some things work out and some things don't. Why some of us are lucky and some of us get...

to be upd...
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