Thursday, 24 January 2019

Peter's Friends (1992)

Carol: Andrew, you know what I hate most about being a public figure? The public.

Maggie: So hard losing a parent.
Paul: I guess.
Maggie: I think this is going to have a positive effect on Peter. He even sounded different on the phone. More mature. More sturdy. Ready to settle down, don't you think?

Peter: Mr. California! Hello, my darling! Did you bring a surfboard?
Andrew: No, that's just Carol.

Peter: Mags, old girl!
Maggie: Peter! Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter!
Peter: We've just got the 3 days, Maggie. It would be nice to make it into the house at some stage.

Carol: Look at this armoire! Is it real?
Andrew: No, it's imaginary.

Peter: It's funny. With both my parents gone, I suddenly... have this overwhelming urge to act maturely.
Andrew: I don't think anyone really matures. Adults are just children who owe money.
Peter: …Strange about Father. We fought each other for years and now, I miss him.

Andrew: I think if there is a God, he takes a lot of long lunches.

Peter: All I wanted to say... was what I can think of no finer, fluffier, shiner people to see the New Year in with your good selves. And I'd like you all to raise your glasses... to old friends who should see each other more often.

Peter: I was interested to hear you describe Hollywood as a community, Carol. I mean all those high fences, and security patrols and... nobody ever talking to each other. I was reminded of that remark by Chesterton. "A truly adventurous person wouldn't cross the globe or climb mountains. He'd just jump over the his neighbour's fence". The real test of an individual's character is to be dropped down a random chimney... and to be able to get on with the set of people he finds there. If you think about it, that's what happens to us when we're born. We have to get on with the strangers we find there. Isn't typical of Chesterton thought to describe a... chimney as a kind of uterus.

Peter: Maggie, you're very attractive, and intelligent and sexy. How can I put this delicately? It's just that I'm not really in the vagina business.

Maggie: What you doing?
Carol: Donkey kicks. I've eaten everything in the place, and I'm trying to work it off before morning. I used to be bulimic. A year ago I'd be in the bathroom throwing it all up. I'm much healthier now.

* * *
Phyllida Law (Vera).
Husband - Eric Thompson (1929 – 1982), an English actor, television presenter and producer.

Daughters - Emma Thompson and Sophie Thompson (Lydia in Four Weddings and a Funeral, 1994).
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